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photo by TwilightUCrazy

photo by TwilightUCrazy

Welcome to my site!  I am excited to share my insights regarding supplements, healthy eating, and exercise.   This blog is not just about a super green supplement, it is about living a healthy life style with ease and confidence.  Eating healthy shouldn’t be difficult or scary.  One shouldn’t have to deprive themselves, feel guilty about, or worry about how to eat.

A shockingly large amount of human beings do not know how to thrive nutritionally in their environment.  (It is important for me to clarify that I am referring to people who have adequate resources, and not to those in impoverished areas).  Why is this?  I believe nutritional ignorance is passed down from one generation to the next, unless the cycle is broken by someone willing to take the time to educate themselves.  The most likely reason for the change is out of necessity, because they, or someone they love, became seriously ill. Many people educate themselves nutritionally due to weight issues, because they discovered that most fad diets and weight loss programs don’t provide long-term solutions to their problems.

Because nutrition and healthy eating mean different things to different people, it is important to do your own research and eat how you feel best suits your needs.  I have discovered over the years, that eating can be easy, cooking healthy doesn’t have to be stressful or difficult (in fact almost every recipe can be altered to be made more healthy), and for me, common sense is what drives my nutritional decisions.

We almost always (and I say this because we cannot always obtain it) eat organically grown fruits and vegetables.  We choose grass-fed, organically raised beef when we can get it.  We eat organic, free range chicken and eggs, whenever we can get it.  If I cannot pronounce what is on the label of a particular food item, I do not want to put that into my body or my kid’s bodies.  If there is an expiration date that is longer than the natural spoiling time for a particular food item, then I don’t want to eat that or feed that to my children.  So, in keeping with this idea, we don’t eat cereal foods, or canned foods, or frozen foods.  Well, that last statement isn’t quite true.  We do put our meat in the freezer, and we do purchase frozen organic peas or berries occasionally.  We don’t eat fast foods, ever.  We don’t fry our food or char broil it (I’ll explain why in a later post).  We eat raw cheeses and drink raw milk. We use only organic virgin olive oil and coconut oil when cooking…and most importantly, we take a super green supplement every day.

We eat very simply, but we do not deprive ourselves.  We have not had to diet,  and yet we find ourselves and children at the optimal weight.  We, also, do not stress about eating an item that may not be the most healthy choice (which we do occasionally).  My children are very healthy and rarely get ill, and that is the same for me and my husband. When we do get ill, we recover very quickly.  I am happy to share how we came to eat this way, share some recipes with you, and explain how most can be made in a healthy way, and discuss why super greens have become so important to me.

So, I hope you find the information I post enlightening, or at least gain something from my experiences with nutrition, cooking, and super greens.